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The cost of living in Croatia does not cease to cause astonishment. Recent research has shown that in Zagreb and Split, a family of four needs almost 15,000 kunas to cover living costs, which does not include rent. Given that the average salary is around five and a half to a maximum of six thousand, many are wondering how citizens live at all.

They have become magical survivors, so it is not surprising that the demand for various types of lending has increased sharply. People need to take credit for basic things, and borrowing is the most popular. Loans are based on smaller amounts, which is enough for emergencies and saving your home budget. The short repayment period allows you to take them again if the need arises.

Apply for a payday advance online with us

Online payday advance through Payday Relay within a maximum of 24 hours of processing the request. This means that if the documentation is complete, online loans can be paid only 15 minutes after the application is submitted.

For this reason, they are ideal for emergencies because money is reached very quickly, and this is very important when it is necessary to close the current account minus, pay for car repairs, the arrival of a plumber for emergency intervention and the like. Such things are unpredictable and cannot be influenced, but it is good to have an ace up your sleeve.

What are the loans?


Unlike loans, loans refer to any kind of exchange of goods or money under certain conditions. Credit is purely about money and that is the basic difference between them.

Equally, loans can only be given by legal entities, while loans can be made by physical ones. Most often, these are directors’ loans to their own companies.

What is behind a loan online?

One of the most sought after types of lending is online lending. Online banking is becoming more and more popular, but also a necessity because of the lifestyle most people today lead. Borrowings online, as the name implies, can be requested online. The whole process is designed so that there is no unnecessary going to the office, but you can do everything from the comfort of your own home. An online loan application is submitted online, just as the contract is submitted online.

Documentation is kept to a minimum. Borrowings online can be requested at any time, and only those that each of us already has at home are required for the document, which is an ID and current account card. No further certification from the employer, co-debtor or guarantor, etc. is required. For smaller amounts that are characteristic of online lending, no security instruments are required as they do not pose too much risk to the lender.

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