Being in the country does not prevent getting a loan.



Being in Senegal does not prevent getting a loan in our company, for this you only need a guarantee that can be of a real estate type and unlike many other companies you can choose another type of guarantee, they can be guarantees of all kinds and the client can guarantee your loan with vehicles, art collections, taxi licenses, etc. all kinds of goods provided that they have the necessary value to give the user the money he needs. The only exception is jewelry, but there are still a good number of options for the customer to select the one that best interests them.

Up to 20% of the value of the guarantee

Our company provides up to 20% of the value of the guarantee and this has to have the highest possible quality because being so we can get to give up to 25%. As for real estate guarantees, they must meet a fundamental requirement to be valid; They must be free of charges and mortgages and we accept flats, houses, premises, etc. The lots or plots are not valid because these goods show excessive variations in their market prices and therefore we cannot accept them as guarantees.

Advantages of our loans with Financial Credit Institutions

Advantages of our loans with Financial Credit Institutions

The loans with Financial Credit Institutions offered by our company have many advantages such as speed, this is a very important element that the customer is very interested because, as is logical, being in the Financial Credit Institutions means having outstanding debts that can be accumulated and when Money comes fast this is solved much better. The user can get their money in their checking account in less than 72 hours provided that our company has received the necessary documents to start the process.

Another advantage that our credits have is that we can grant them to people who are unemployed and do not have a monthly payroll, we offer money to a large number of clients regardless of their economic situation thanks to the guarantee. We must emphasize that the team of professionals that work with us has knowledge about financial and real estate issues and that makes the procedures go faster and that they can take care of greater tasks and efforts, freeing the user from unnecessary and overwhelming procedures.

Official appraisal of the house at an economic price

Official appraisal of the house at an economic price

We carry out the official appraisal of the house at an economical price for the client and we never ask for money in advance, we always try to take care of everything we can. We must place special emphasis on the fact that the client can feel confident with our economic activities since we are regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs and conform to current regulations regarding private loans and financial services.

The operations that we carry out are carried out in the presence of a notary and the notarial signatures can be carried out at any point of the national territory including the islands, so that it is not necessary for the client to travel or travel.

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